Amanda Townsend | Speech Therapist | Kenosha, WI
Amanda Townsend, M.S., CCC-SLP

Hi There! I am Amanda Townsend, proud owner of Simply Spoken Therapy.

I am mostly known for loving all things with glitter, fresh air, lilacs, and candles that smell liked baked goods, cause let’s be honest – I don’t bake. I drink coffee daily, but I don’t actually need the caffeine seeing as I have more energy than most toddlers! Having an abundance of spunk and joy makes my job as a pediatric speech therapist a dream gig and there is NOTHING I love more than watching those light bulb moments in kids. Seeing them understand a new concept, produce a challenging sound, or use a new word.

When I’m not helping your little ones with their speech and communication skills you can find me at home with my boys, my handsome hubby Pete and my rescue pup Shadow, snuggled up on the couch with a good show.

Owning a speech practice was a distant far away dream but now it’s my reality. I am honored to be able to serve my community and your little ones. So glad you are able to share this journey with me.

About Simply Spoken Therapy

Who would have imagined that the girl who onced dreamed of having a breakfast delivery business would be the owner of a pediatric speech therapy practice?!

I have always been full of ideas. Radical, out of the box ideas. Ideas that I quickly dismissed, some that were considered, and a few that got the green light.

When I started my career as a speech therapist I had such amazing ideas.  I was going to change the world one student at a time. As most educators in the public school system know –  the reality of high caseloads, unrealistic workloads, budgets, policies, limits and minimal resources will quickly wear you down. Everyday I felt less effective and more burnt out. And I was only 10 years in!

After a particularly challenging day I came home in tears and my dear sweet husband said, “Why don’t you just start your own practice already?!”

He was right.

I decided to take responsibility for my future. I wouldn’t be held to limits and rules. I would make my own clinical decisions that I know are in the best interest of my clients. I will have open, honest and hard conversations if I need to and I will have as many radical out of the box ideas as I want!

Today I spend my days educating my clients AND their families. My mission is twofold – I want to provide all kids with the tools they need to be effective and confident communicators and I want to educate and empower all parents to understand speech and language and provide a safe place full of resources. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so THANK YOU for trusting me to be a part of your village!