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Hi There! I am Amanda Townsend, proud owner of Simply Spoken Therapy.

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I am mostly known for loving all things with glitter, fresh air, lilacs, and candles that smell like baked goods, cause let’s be honest – I don’t bake. I drink coffee daily, but I don’t actually need the caffeine seeing as I have more energy than most toddlers! Having an abundance of spunk and joy makes my job as a pediatric speech therapist a dream gig and there is NOTHING I love more than watching those light bulb moments in kids. Seeing them understand a new concept, produce a challenging sound, or use a new word. There is no better feeling!

When I’m not helping your little ones with their speech and communication skills you can find me at home with my boys, my handsome hubby Pete and our rescue pup Shadow. 

Owning a speech practice was a distant far away dream but now it’s my reality. I am honored to be able to serve my community and your little ones. 


Aside from knowing my name and what i do you want to know that I am experienced, have a degree, and can get the job done! 

I received my Bachelors in Communicative Disorders and my Masters of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. 

After graduation I went on to work full time in a public school district for 11 years while holding a PRN portion for 2 years at the local hospital. I started this private practice part-time in 2017 and committed to full time in 2018. So what does that mean?

It means I have over 13 years of experience working with a variety of pediatric disorders. In that time I attended seminars and training that helped me to stay on top of the current research and make sure my approach is evidence based (basically that I am legit)

Meet Maddie

Hello, I am Maddie Gronset the Social Media and Marketing Intern for Simply Spoken Therapy!

I am the bundle of energy that you didn’t know you needed on your team. I love going on adventures, and traveling to learn more about different cultures. I graduated with my B.A. in Communication from Carthage College in 2017 and am now a M.S. in Business Design and Innovation student at my alma mater. I love helping Amanda create content and materials for Simply Spoken Therapy!

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Our Office

When you walk into our office you won’t find stark white walls, a hallway of doors, or a few outdated toys in the waiting room. It was important that our clinic doesnt FEEL like a clinic. It is warm, welcoming and fun – just like our therapy services! Your little one can let his/her imagination soar while drawing on our chalkboard wall or reading in the book nook. You can relax with a fresh cup of coffee on our cute and comfy couches too. The goal was to have a space that feels comfortable, relaxing, open and bright – we hope that you agree!

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